MORE Realty Services LLC FSBO Payment Policy


MORE Realty Services LLC will never give, sell, lend, distribute or otherwise promote your information entrusted to us to any other source you do not specifically announce to us through written confirmation, except companies in which we actually may own.

MORE Realty Services LLC PayPal Online Payment Services Platform simply because it is one of the most secure platforms in the entire world. Your credit card company and bank trust them, so do we and so should you. Read up on this company and you will see why we made this simple choice of vendors to make it easier to serve you in your real estate needs.

MORE Realty Services LLC We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. You can also use your PayPal account if you already have one, or if not Visit PayPal Here and get your FREE account today! It’s a great tool to have as an asset protection device, since you use the PayPal ID and not a card each time.

MORE Realty Services LLC also accepts Personal, Company, Cashier Checks as well as Money Orders. Use the contact information below to send a check (don’t worry it’s on our checkout pages). Keep in mind check payments take longer and require clearance before we can even do anything, so it’s easier and faster for you to use a debit card if you don’t have a credit card, or money orders if you don’t have a checking account.

MORE Realty Services LLC will refund on Pre-Paid For Sale By Owner Services under only two circumstances. One: If within the statutory three (3) day Rescission Period you decide you want to cancel we will refund your payment in full, and Two: If we are unable to provide services, or a suitable substitute to that same type, or similar, service in a manner that would cause considerable disruption to the For sale By Owner during the first Sixty (60) Days of the listing period. If the FSBO refuses or does not apply any particular part of the plans and systems being provided there is no additional value associated to that individual part of the service. This means that if you order The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™ and if the only part of that service you utilized was the yard sign, we are at no fault and cause of delay, interruption or refusal of that service, it was the seller’s choice and therefore the package was delivered.

MORE Realty Services LLC charges a $50.00 Returned Check Fee, plus any other charges we may incur in settlement of any funds due us in pursuit of any funds the “customer” may have with held, stopped payment on, did not return items to the company, such as the electronic lockbox (they cost $110.00 to replace). We would much rather that you make a purchase based on facts and current information and not some pushy sales person or gimmick. We have provided highly valued marketing tools, which if assembled by the consumer would cost them in excess of $2,000.00. We hope that if you do have any unanswered questions you will contact us to give us the opportunity to answer them and get you listed with valuable services for a fraction of what others WILL charge you. Thank you.


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