MORE Realty Services LLC FSBO Privacy Policy


MORE Realty Services LLC will never give, sell, lend, distribute or otherwise promote your information entrusted to us to any other source you do not specifically announce to us through written confirmation, except companies in which we actually may own.

MORE Realty Services LLC does not complete on the behalf of anyone applications, forms or other source required formats that call for the personal or other information of anyone that we do business with or may potentially do business with or for in the future.

MORE Realty Services LLC WILL collect certain data from clients, customers, vendors and employees from time to time in the normal course of business an utilize or use that information as it was intended, an if need arises to deviate from that use we will first seek permission in writing before using it in any other means whatsoever. Under no circumstances shall we use it without “Express Written Permission”.

MORE Realty Services LLC seeks to protect personal information in so much is legally available to us and may under direction of the courts or other authority keep such information on file until such time either law or statute allow. In Florida, currently (2012), law requires we keep a record on hand for the duration of Five (5) Years from the time a Contract is entered into, or until such time as legally commanded under court order.

MORE Realty Services LLC will provide to those that demand such personal information that may be legally entitled through either direct written, and verifiable, authorization, court order or decree of other circumstance that would have a legal right to see such information. The owner of this information MUST make any request to see a personal file, obtain a copy of a file or make copies of a file, in writing. We will always try to honor such a request as immediately as possible, but there must be an understanding that until it is verified of the source of the request we will not release that information directly and there may be a delay int he delivery and/or receipt of that request.

MORE Realty Services LLC will accept ONLY Hand-Written request and will not accept requests by email, fax or other electronic means for release of personal information of anyone in our files, including court ordered requests.

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